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Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Bargains At Outlet Stores

bargainThere has been a steady rise in the popularity of outlet stores in UK in recent years.  In response to the popularity, more have opened up all over the country including the likes of brand outlets, factory outlets and discount designer outlets.  The reason these are so popular is simple – if you want to save money and are not too worried about buying items and lines that are anything from 6 months to a year outside of the current trends, you can from these types of stores.

Discount outlet shopping malls are one of the most popular and normally have a minimum of around 30 stores with bigger malls having in excess of 100.  There is usually something for everyone with all bases covered such as housewares and linen, electrical goods, toys, sporting goods, handbags and luggage, jewellery and accessories, shoes as well as children’s, women’s and men’s clothing.  It is very easy to make a day of it at an outlet store as there are always a few inexpensive coffee shops, cafes and restaurants where you can make a pit stop.

Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

Although it is hard not to get carried away at a mall where there are so many reduced labels and the word sale plastered in every shop window, there are some important things you should keep in mind t so that you shop sensibly.

Remember not to get too caught up in the sale atmosphere.  It is safe to say that we all have at one time looked in our wardrobes to proudly gaze at our bargains only to think “What was I thinking buying this?”  Even if you say you haven’t, the chances are that you are in denial, so keep a level head and try to get the right bargains for you.

While tags that say 50% and 70% make you feel like you are getting an amazing bargain, keep in mind that this will be a percentage off the RRP.  The RRP is generally a lot of wishful thinking on the part of the retailer or manufacturer and not what you may pay in normal shops for the item.

Carefully look at and check items to make sure they are marked correctly if there is damage or the condition isn’t perfect.  If they are seconds they should be marked accordingly, but often aren’t.  It is important to make sure that the condition of items you are interested in is acceptable for you before buying them because almost all designer and discount outlets have “no return” policies.

One final word of warning is that you should note that many of the discount outlets in the UK are part of bigger operations with the same shops appearing in everyone.  Although this may not be very important, it is just something to keep in mind when something is perhaps marked as a one-off exclusive as the truth is it’s probably available in other outlets throughout the country.

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