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Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts for Him

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It’s getting close to that time of year again when most men have to spend some time selecting the perfect restaurant to take their loved one for a valentines day meal. In truth, it’s much easier for men to fulfill their role in the day because the gifts they buy are pretty uninspired; chocolates, flowers, heart shaped balloons, etc. However, things are a little more complicated for women, especially if they’re looking to break tradition and buy their partner the ideal valentines day gift. This is why I thought today might be a good time to publish a short post highlighting some gift ideas, and attempting to make your life that little bit easier.

So, if you’ve been looking online for the last couple of days trying to find the perfect gift, but you’re having little luck finding it, then give me your attention for a the next few moments, and I’ll spend some time discussing some of the items I think most men would love to receive. Obviously, they won’t be suitable for everyone depending on personal interests and tastes, but I’ve tried to include only the most universally appealing items, so you should be safe purchasing them in most circumstances.

1 – Aftershave

This is a mutually beneficial gift ladies, and it’s guaranteed to go down well with your partner. Just spend some time at your local cosmetics and perfume shop smelling all the most popular scents and pick the one that’s most appealing to you. At the end of the day, your man only wears aftershave to get you going anyway, so you might as well buy him your own favourite.

2 – Leather Wallet

Personally, this would be my own choice, as it provides a place for your man to carry a photograph of you with him at all times. Also, if you buy a rather bulky wallet, the chances are he’ll be able to fit more money inside, which means you get more things bought for you every time you go out shopping.

3 – Fashionable Clothing

If you want your man to look his best when you head out for your valentines day meal, then purchasing some designer jeans or cool printed t-shirts could be perfect. Again, your man only wears trendy clothing to satisfy you, so you might as well choose from your own tastes.

4 – Personalised Bracelet

We all know how difficult it can be to get some men to wear any kind of jewelry, but if yours isn’t too fussed, then ordering a bracelet and having some kind of inscription performed might be the answer to all your gift worries. Just don’t have your own name put on in, in case he thinks you’re trying to brand him.

5 – Luxury Whiskey

Most men love drinking spirits, especially Whiskey, and so spending some time at your local store or checking specialist websites online might be a good idea. For around £50, you should have no trouble finding a really impressive limited edition bottle you know he’ll thank you for.

Remember ladies, if all else fails just flutter your eyelashes and tell him you love him. That usually works for me. Good luck with the present hunting, and I hope you have an amazingly romantic valentine’s day in a couple of weeks.

See you soon!

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