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Ultimate Guide To Wearing Good Diamonds

Everyone is talking about them. Most of us can’t stop staring at them. Few of us would spend our money on them. But all of us would like to try a pair on in our size! Nick Cannon’s diamond slip-ons were certainly the center of attention on America’s Got Talent in September. They were hypnotic and dazzling. There was no way you could avoid noticing them. In fairness, most people found them vulgar. But the vulgarity was in the persistent poor taste of showing them off. They couldn’t be missed, so why arrange photo shoots?

Diamonds are, of course, the ultimate in class, elegance, and luxury, even on your feet. How you wear them is what defines you as classy or classless. Diamonds will always look good whoever wears them, but any persistence in ‘rubbing people’s noses in it’ will render you unpopular, not the gems. Some say they are a status symbol, others say they are a fashion accessory. Whatever your feelings on diamonds, very few of us ever go without a special piece of jewelry in our collections.

For a woman, earrings are a great way to bring glamor and sophistication to your ensemble. Whatever you are wearing, and however you style your hair, the brilliance of a genuine diamond will complete your look. For a big event, the real thing is essential. The way a real diamond catches the light cannot be beaten. Add a beautiful necklace diamond pendant for extra attention-grabbing sparkle.

There is a reason that engagement rings are usually diamond. Real diamonds last forever, like your partner’s love for you. The best gems feature virtually no imperfections, just like you. The clarity is high, like your husband’s clarity of mind to ask you to marry him. The heat to create a real diamond is the most intense you can find on this planet, which also represents the heat of his passion for you. And diamonds are expensive. You other half will need to spend a month’s salary to acquire your ring, which represents his hard work and sacrifice to win you over. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a good diamond ring.


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There are many differing qualities of diamond out there but some of the very best can be found at high-end retailers, such as the Houston jewelry from Whiteflash. For beautiful engagement rings, you cannot beat designer diamond rings that feature the highest clarity and best cuts money can buy.

Every girl’s jewelry box should contain at least one diamond piece. Whether you choose a ring, earrings or a pendant, diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend! Bracelets and ladies’ watches can also be beautifully elegant if they feature diamonds. While they may be more pricey, you cannot beat the effect genuine diamonds have on a piece of jewelry, or the lucky lady wearing it. If you have a good piece of jewelry, be sure to take it to a good jewelers for an insurance valuation. Diamond jewelry also makes for great heirlooms.

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