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Want To Change Your Body Shape? What To Do When You Can’t Shift That Fat

When you’ve made up your mind to change your body shape, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about it. When you’re unhappy about your figure, it can cause shyness and even depression. You may lack confidence, and regularly try to hide away the bits you don’t like. It really can affect every part of your life. You may have tried every diet and exercise program out there and still be disappointed with what you see in the mirror. If fat just doesn’t budge, surgery may be the only answer left.

Of course, liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures are not cheap. When you’re choosing your plastic surgeon, the price is likely to form part of your final decision. However, there are many more other considerations to take into account. There is a wider range of procedures available today. Researching your options from several surgeons could be a good idea.


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If you are fit and healthy, but can’t shift that stubborn fat in certain areas, you may want to look into laser liposuction. This has a quicker recovery than some other procedures and suits those who aren’t very overweight. Plenty of personal trainers out there are convinced they can tone you and reduce excess fat. But we all have those little areas where our fat stores are too stubborn to go. Laser liposuction could be the answer.

All liposuction surgeries require some downtime for your body to heal. This means you may be off work for a while, and restricted to bed rest or very light activity. This isn’t always convenient for people with children, or jobs that won’t pay you during time off. If you can save up for cosmetic surgery, be sure to save a little extra. This is for additional child care, or to cover your daily expenses while not working.

Problem areas that are most tricky to get rid of with exercise include the knees and thighs. Many personal trainers recommend squats and leg lifts. This builds up muscle, so the shape of the muscle looks defined and toned. These exercises don’t necessarily burn fat in these areas. Tummy fat is another problem area, especially for those who have had children. While ab work like crunches can create a beautiful ‘six-pack’, the fat still needs to be burned off. Often other parts of the body will lose fat, leaving you with a saggy tummy.

Everybody needs to exercise, and muscles do look really good. Having fat stores in places that don’t look good on you is very annoying. It can make choosing a fashionable outfit difficult. You may have the toned and tiny waist of a size 8, but need a 14 to get over the fat on your hips. Sometimes only liposuction or other cosmetic treatments can help sculpt your body to the shape you want. Keeping fit and healthy makes you a better candidate to get through the surgery and achieve the most success with it. Choose a healthy diet and exercise plan you can keep up, even when your body is looking as perfect as you want it to.


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