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What is The Difference Between Clarity Enhanced Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

ringThere can be few more beautiful things you could buy than a stunning diamond. Whether you are buying one as a gift for a loved one or to wear on a special occasion, a sparkling new diamond is something you are unlikely to ever regret purchasing.

However, do you know how to go about getting the best and most suitable diamond? You presumably already know about the fact that they are classified by carats but what about the difference between natural diamonds and clarity enhanced diamonds, also known as color enhanced diamonds?

Treated to Enhance the Color and Look

These different types of precious stone both start off life in exactly the same way but the big difference comes with the treatment given to enhanced diamonds. They are treated to enhance their color and to remove any flaws that might have occurred naturally in them.

Of course, this means that they look great after they have been worked on, just as natural stones do. Whether you choose a natural diamond or a clarity enhanced one comes down to personal preference but it is fantastic to have such choice.

The Cost of Different Types of Diamonds

So what about the cost issue? No matter how keen you are to buy a diamond you may be wary of the fact that these are usually seen as luxury, exclusive items of jewelry that only the very rich can buy.

While it is true that some of the world’s biggest and most expensive diamonds are worth millions, there are plenty of others around that are far more affordable. So, what is the difference in cost between natural diamonds and those that have been clarity enhanced?

The truth is that the ones which have been worked on to skillfully improve their clarity and color are often better value than natural diamonds, such as the range of color enhanced diamonds by Dianer. While this might seem like a contradiction in terms, it means that it is possible to buy a wonderful diamond that looks fabulous without spending as much on it as you might think.

Of course, you will want to look after any diamond you buy with a lot of care and attention. When it comes to the ones that have had their color and clarity enhanced you need to be a little bit more careful with them. This is because they can´t be cleaned using some of the chemical products currently available for cleaning jewelry. You also need to be careful not to damage the stone by wearing it while playing sports or doing some manual work.


Bearing all that in mind, it has to be said that any diamond you can afford is likely to turn out to be a great purchase that gives you or your loved one a lot of pleasure over the years. When it comes to choosing between natural and clarity enhanced stones there just are a few different factors to take into account. A simplistic way of looking at it is that if you want a fantastic looking diamond for a good price and are going to look after it well then a clarity enhanced one is an excellent choice to go for.

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