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What to Expect in a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

If you’re planning on having cosmetic surgery, you’ll have a consultation beforehand. The consultation is designed to lay everything out on the table, so you know exactly where you stand before going ahead with the procedure. If you’re frightened, there’s no need to be. That being said, he’s what you can expect to help ease your mind:

The Benefits and Risks

In your consultation the surgeon will talk you through the benefits and risks of the treatment. They should put emphasis on the risks of the treatment, as these can happen to anybody. With a nose job, for example, you may need to have further treatment if something goes wrong with your breathing. There are multiple things that could go wrong with each treatment you consider, so you must be sure you’re OK with the risks and willing to chance it. Hopefully your risks will be significantly reduced if you make the effort to find the best surgeon; a surgeon from could be a good idea!

Expectations vs. Reality

The surgeon will discuss with you your expectations and what the reality of the situation is. If you say you want your nose to look like Britney Spears, they will hopefully be straight with you and tell you that they can’t magically transform your nose into somebody else’s nose. They can simply change yours to, hopefully, make it look better. They should get a good idea of whether you’re doing this for the right reasons at this point too.




No cost is ever going to be the same. It all depends on the person, your situation, where you live, and the surgeon you pick. The cost will vary. However, your surgeon should give you a set price during the consultation. This way, you can decide if the treatment is something you can afford and are willing to pay for. Payment plans are common, but it’s likely you will resent having to pay this fee month after month eventually.


Aftercare should be discussed in detail during the consultation. They should tell you what to expect, how long it will take to recover, what you need to think about, and more. They should tell you what activities you can and can’t do, and whether you’ll need to take any time off work. There’s a lot to think about, whatever the size of the surgery you are having!


The consultation is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you have regarding the surgery. It will probably help you to write down your questions and take a pad with you, so you’re not overwhelmed by information. It’s all a lot to take in! By taking a pad and writing it all down, you can look back on it later.

Hopefully, this post has eased your mind and helped you to understand a little more about consultations. You are still free to change your mind at this point, so don’t feel pressured if the surgery isn’t something you want to go through.

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